Best Cruelty Free Vegan Makeup & Cosmetics

It is time to say no to animal products once and for all.

And if you aren’t using vegan makeup and cosmetics, you need to immediately make the switch to cruelty free makeup, cosmetics and skincare – read below why the beauty and cosmetic products you’ve been using up until now stink of animals and animal cruelty.

Our whole purpose of being vegan is to take major steps against all those things that involve animals in them in one way or the other and avoid them from coming under the cross hair of human injustice. How? By not using anything that is made of animal. I believe, we can easily achieve that.

I am really fond of make-up. Whenever, I go out I ensure that I am buffed up properly. It makes my day when I know I am looking good. It has a positive effect on my confidence aswell. I was a happy makeup girl when suddenly I came across the origin story of the makeup that I was using. It was only when someone threw the real fact about how our beauty products reek of animal cruelty and then I started thinking how my makeup-ridden face was disguisting. I came to know the obscure truth behind normal beauty products. All that gleam and zeal simply died. When I was feeling really down, I came across all those beautiful life saving vegan makeup and cosmetic brands that blew my mind away. It was like someone breathed life into me again.

I’ve done extensive research on this topic and my research the vegan products you should be using:

  • Best Vegan Lipsticks
  • Best Vegan Mascaras
  • Best Vegan Foundation
  • Best Vegan Skincare
  • Best Vegan Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Best Vegan Makeup Brushes
  • Vegan Hair Dye
  • NEW: Vegan Nail Polish

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for not using Vegan beauty and cosmetics.

I am not sponsored or paid by these brands, so you can be confident that I am only promoting brands and products that I absolutely know and love myself.

COMING SOON! After such an overwhelming response from all of you, I will now be updating this blog post to include more questions that you want answered. I will include things like whether some of the major brands like Bare Minerals and Makeup Revolution are Vegan or Not? What are the Best Vegan Drug Store Makeup that you can buy? What Vegan Makeup Brands You Can Buy at Sephora?  + LOTS MORE! Stay tuned as I will be updating this blog post for more very soon!

Why Should You Use Vegan make-up and Beauty Products


If you have been using regular beauty products, which up until know you probably have been, I must break it to you, they are not cruelty free. These animals are locked up, poisoned, blinded, tortured and what-not before the product actually reaches you. All that for what? Sheer vanity! I say we bring an end to it.

Not only that, did you know there are animal products imbibed in cosmetic products? There are harmful elements that might affect your health in the long run too. You need to make sure your product is animal free to stand on the safer side. For example, carmine is a red dye that is quite famous with beauty products since it is used in lipsticks, eye shades, rouge etc.

But did you know it is made from crushed female cochineal insect? According to a PETA report around 70000 beetles are killed in order to generate one pound of the dye in question.

Another eye-opener for you will be that collagen which seems to be working its charm around anti-ageing, but the true fact it doesn’t get absorbed deep enough to help the skin.

What is worse is the fact that collagen that is entailed in the making of the skin products actually comes from chicken feet and animal horns.


In a similar fashion Panthenol is another crucial chemical that is really helpful in moisturizing and lubricating your hair. But unfortunately today’s cosmetic industry make use of meat to extract it. How unfortunate it is that people don’t want to bank on vegetables to extract the element, and choose to become savages instead?

All this time an alternative had been gawking right at your unaware face. Yes, the answer is vegan makeup, vegan skin care and vegan hair care. The search for these can sometimes be overwhelming, so I have zeroed in on only the best cruelty free brands for you to make the right decision, instead of you sitting there for hours and examining the labels 🙂

Please, make the right decision for yourself, the planet and our fellow creatures, and opt for beauty without cruelty.

Cruelty Free Makeup

The BEST & ONLY Vegan Beauty Products


The fact that some of the brands have been walking down the cruelty free road for a long time, reassures us that there are people who care about animals. They have got our backs. You wouldn’t regret using their products at all!


Best Cruelty Free & Vegan Makeup Brands

Some of the top cruelty free and vegan makeup brands are:

  1. Arbonne: The Company has been manufacturing vegan makeup, beauty and cosmetics for over 35 years. It has never tested its products on animals. Excellent brand to opt for!
  2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Another great brand of cruelty free cosmetics that has been serving us guilt free makeup since 2004. Not only do they pride themselves on being 100% cruelty-free and PETA-certified, they are 100% vegan. Tip – they make excellent vegan makeup brushes.
  3. Pacifica: Pacifica ‘pacifies you’ with a complete range of vegan skincare products. They have their fingers deep in cruelty free perfume, vegan cosmetics and other vegan beauty products as well.
  4. Nature’s Gate: With a moniker that only thinks of nature, the brand sells outstanding 100% pure cosmetics and personal-care products that are made from plant and fruit extracts.
  5. Beauty without Cruelty: Established in the year 1963, its experience speaks volume. The brand sells all kinds of cruelty free hair products and styling products, and is also famous for manufacturing amazing cruelty free nail polish.

The list goes on and on. For specific vegan makeup, beauty, skincare, cosmetics and hair care, you can refer to the ‘BEST OF’ each product below.

Top-Notch/Must Have Vegan Cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics do not entertain animal cruelty in any sense whatsoever.

So, that’s established, now you know what kind of makeup you need to wear. One by one we will take a look at awesome cruelty free products.

You now you can use them and wear them guilt free.

Vegan Lipstick

If you have been using normal lipsticks, little did you know, the ways it gets manufactured. Some lipsticks are made up of beeswax honeycomb. Some find its creation from fatty acids derived from animal fats. Often Oleic acid taken from various animal fats is used in the making. That’s the ugly side of the conventional. Time you accept the change with these brilliant cruelty free lipticks.

Lime Crime Velventines

As smooth as it gets! Invest in the gorgeous velventine beauty that will bring out your personality. A long-lasting lipstick that boasts its true colors and works like a charm for all skin complexions.Vegan-Lipstick

Shimarz lipstick

This one right here is my personal favorite. My sister loves it too. Made using so many essential oils, this literally defines vegan. It is tasteless and smells great. Even if it gets dry it doesn’t form cracks. It also comes with a lifetime warranty – you can’t complain about that! Vegan-Lipstick-2

Vegan Mascara

If you are a big fan of Mascaras like me, then you are gonna just love the perfect vegan alternatives. Time to throw cruelty products down the toilet!

Physicians Formula Jumbo lash mascara

Make your eyelashes look voluminous by investing in this gorgeous thickening Mascara. Comes from a 100% natural origin it not only moisturizes your lashes but nourishes them too. It shields your lashes from harsh environment by providing a protective coating.


Endlessly Beautiful Organic Mascara

The gorgeous vegan and gluten free mascara doesn’t retain any artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives. If you have sensitive eyes or skin, this one works really well with it. It helps to simulate the growth of lashes too.


Vegan Foundation

Foundation available in the market today often reeks of chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Sometimes you end up getting skin-irritation too. Did you know that most foundations carry an ingredient named Copernicia Cerifera Wax that is basically nothing but Beeswax. There! Feel bad applying beeswax on your face now? Go for Vegan Foundation instead that is absolutely healthy to use.

Colorevolution mineral Foundation

This foundation is Vitamin infused and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals in its making. The smooth powder blends in perfectly with the color of your skin. It is quite smooth to apply and gives you proper coverage. Unlike others, it stays on you for a whole day.


Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Foundation

A long wearing full coverage foundation that is infused with Amazonian clay. It ensures a longer and truer wear. Owing to this cruelty free foundation, your skin looks healthy. It is quite weightless, you wouldn’t even feel it on your skin. Now mask your pores and imperfections by using the brilliant vegan product that promises to give you a flawless complexion.


Cruelty free vegan skincare products

If you have been using an animal tested chemical skincare, stop using it at once. You could only imagine – preparing it might have caused so much animal cruelty. Before the final product, several beta versions all being tested on poor mute animals! Just imagine how fatal those harmful untested chemicals might have proven for them. Discourage their usage at once and embrace vegan skincare.

Cosmedica skincare Hyaluronic acid serum

A serum that gets your skin better than any other skin-care product. It improves the skin texture. Brings about a natural glow to it and provides your skin an immaculate moisture balance.


Sieva Skincare Face glow serum

It does exactly what it says. Brings glow to your face. It features hyaluronic acid with essential oil and vitamins like C, A, D, E. There are anti-ageing elements too that fights wrinkles and avoids fine lines from coming to your face. It also improves skin elasticity.


Vegan makeup brushes

A lot of brushes that you have been using for makeup are actually animal fur. Hairs of animals are torn from their bodies via disgusting methods, and then processed, bound and attached together to make brushes. If you somehow come to know about their hurtful methods, I am sure you are going to puke. Better we use makeup brushes that are purely vegan, meaning their brushes are made up of vegan synthetic hair. Let us save animals from getting hurt.

Shany Cosmetics mineral brush set

What could be better than an entire set of makeup brushes to preen you up for action? Shany Cosmetics bring to you an attractive Vegan brush set that has brushes for every makeup act. What’s even better that it all comes hidden inside a gorgeous clutch of your favorite color – Pink!


ACEVIVI makeup brushes

An ecofriendly alternative to facial makeup. It features 10 pieces to wrap up your entire makeup act. Handles of the brushes are made up of bamboo and are super comfy to hold. These are antibacterial and super soft to use. Say bye-bye to pulling or tugging brushes along your face!


Vegan hair care products

Normal hair care products are chemical ridden. There are so many harmful ingredients entailed in their making that hurt your hair in the process. Use hair care products that are cruelty free to ensure you stay hand in hand with nature.

Vegan Shampoo and Vegan Conditioner

Jason Pure Natural Shampoo: A natural way to give your skin proper nutrition. The restorative biotin enhances the hair elasticity and revitalizes it thereby making its growth smooth. It has hair thickening properties and assists in restoring strength to weak and damaged hair as well.

Beauty without cruelty

With a moniker suggestive of its true purpose, it is a conditioner that gets rid of frizzles. It prevents split ends and makes your hair smooth and shiny. Give your hair proper conditioning without making your hair dull.

Foxbrim Argan oil hair repair

Have you been wanting that shiny luminous hair that you see in commercials? Well, Foxbrim Argan oil lets you hit the goal just like that. Its natural oils nurture your hair right from the root to the tip. It fills your hair up with strength and hydrates it properly. The end product is voluminous locks that look and are really healthy.

Cruelty free hair dye

The Henna Guys Natural red henna hair dye: A cruelty and chemical free alternative to dying your hair. Now beam up in a perfect hair dye! As natural as it gets. It doesn’t hurt your hair at all. Get a gorgeous vibrant color and shade in no time.

DermaChange Vegan shampoo and conditioner set

If you have been looking for a shampoo that expedites hair growth, look no further. Features excellent vitamins that aid in hair growth and helps you to gain the natural fullness of your hair. Make them go as dense as they used to be when you were growing up. Doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or sulfate in it. Use the shampoo first. Wash your hair and then apply the DermanChange conditioner for best results. Gives you proper deep conditioning by restoring natural moisture. Prevents hair fall too.

Other Vegan Beauty Products

Mineral Fusion Vegan Nail Polish

Mineral fusion brings to you an amazing product that is cruelty free. It makes for a flawless application with the help of an extra thick brush that sizzles on your nails with maximum ease. The shade is teal with gold glitter that will help you to look downright ravishing. It has no chips.

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