Best Vegan & Cruelty Free Shoes

Spare animals, time to get in vegan shoes

Turning vegan is the best thing you could do. It is suggestive of how thoughtful you are towards nature that has been nothing but bountiful to you so far. We, as vegans, are not hurting animals in any way and letting the flow of life carry on its course just the way it was intended to be. That’s the best thing about embracing veganism – caring!

If you intend to lead an awesome vegan lifestyle you have to bring about the change in every area, and I mean every single facet by that. Shoes aren’t averse to that either. The leather industry has been misusing nature’s boon by slaughtering animals to rake in personal benefits.

This has to stop.

Only you could bring about the change.

Cut the demand and the supply will spontaneously cease.

Why say no to cruelty shoes

There isn’t just one reason why we should completely eschew animal shoes from our lifestyle.

To begin with it is hurtful to be selfish without thinking about the animal kingdom that we have been exploiting like savages for so long. Slaughtering them is just morally wrong Nothing gives us the right! The animal industry doesn’t give two rats about environment. They waste land, and fuel global warming. Whilst the animal industry tries to produce its animal products, they release toxic gases in the sky and dump their slurry in rivers. This again stands as harmful agents that are not good for your health and also a disgrace to the environment.

Slaughtering animals is just morally wrong on so many levels. Man has been doing it since the beginning of time even when we were provided with options. The stench from animal industries is unbearable. Haven’t you ever worn leather shoes that smell really foul after coming in contact with sweat? Inhaling or accidentally getting in contact with the waste dispatched from animal industry could make you really sick.

Tannery effluent contains pollutants like hair, coal tar, salt, formic acid, non-solvent degreasing agent, sulphuric acid and cyanide based finishes. All very harmful for the human body! The leather making industry is one of the major consumers of energy.

The aforementioned plethora of these thoughtful reasons might have helped you to get a better insight into the ugly world of leather industry and non-vegan shoes. It is time to see what alternatives you have in shoes department, if you are planning to shun leather and wear non-vegan shoes for good.

Trust me! it is a beautiful world of options for vegan shoes. Jump right in.

Modish Vegan Shoe Alternatives

No shoe type is spared in the vegan division – you can get any vegan shoe you can dream of. It covers every kind and they are all enthralling quality materials. I have handpicked some of them for you to have a quick look-see.

Vegan Sneakers

Sneakers make a perfect companion whenever you are out exploring the unknown or have decided to go on a walking spree. This one right here is a pretty cool Vegan sneaker variant to go for women. For men, an enchanter, this vegan sneaker totally steals the show.

Mens-Vegan-Sneakers Womens-Vegan-Sneakers

Vegan heels

Wear this gorgeous vegan stiletto to a party and instantly become the talk of the town. Its super chic trendy style will have everyone ogling at you.


Vegan Clogs

Clogs always come in handy whenever you have an errand to run or want something casual. This exquisite vegan clog will let you stay fashionable, at the same time serve the purpose.

Vegan skate shoes

This men’s pair is a super comfy pair that will come in handy to your husband, brother or boyfriend as they try to explore the sporty side in them.

Vegan Hiking boots

Planning to go hiking? This is one of the best Vegan hiking boots that will make your experience even more invigorating. It features an articulated Tri-Flex ankle and a full rubber rand to make climbing effortless. Here is the mens version

Vegan Moccasins

Take out the stylish side in you by sizzling in this spectacular vegan Moccasin. It is an alluring Vegan shoe that cashes in on its outstanding style to make you look ravishing.

Vegan Boots

If you wish to bring the military side of you to the forefront, I suggest you try these extremely stunning looking vegan boots that have been crafted in a rugged manner. They also feature a zipper design and awesome traction to avoid you from slipping.


Vegan Doc Martens

You could go for the ever so popular Doc Martens Vegan lace-up vegan shoes to bring out the the groovy side in you. Here is the unisex Doc Marten that will look complement your looks.

Dr.-Martens-Vegan Vegan-Doc-Martens

Kids vegan shoes

Allow your kids unmatched comfort in this adorable pair of kids vegan shoes. They feature a soft and cozy berber lining and also ensures that it doesn’t come out easily giving a proper fit.

The greatest advantage of Vegan shoes

The world is full of vegan options. A gamut of unseen and unexplored designs lingers in shoes arena. Engage in cruelty free shoes that are going to ensure animal lives are saved in the process. Look good, at the same time, do good. That should be the bottom-line to stay cruelty-free.

One of the greatest advantages of going for Vegan shoes is the fact that they go easy on your pockets. Yes! They are pretty cheap as compared to the leather variants. So you can buy more shoes for less money. What is equally great is the fact that you are not participating in any kind of heinous crime as you are purchasing stuff.

Vegan shoes are cooler to look at. They keep up with the contemporary and experiment with bazillion designs to come up with even more magnificent stuff. New designs get manufactured every day to keep up with the growing demands. A lot of popular celebrities and models have accepted the vegan lifestyle. You can see many of them flaunting their new shoes collection on TV.

All vegan shoes get manufactured in industries that abide by socially acceptable policies unlike the ones that mess with environment. A majority of environmental imbalance is happening owing to the reckless animal industries that don’t pay heed to the norms that need to be followed to avoid global warming.

I beseech you to fully accept the vegan lifestyle and save millions of animal lives in the process. Do not let your head stray when it comes to staying true to it. Remember there are better options in every single area of life, including buying vegan friendly shoes. And remember – the grass is much greener on this very side of the wall, it’s called veganism.

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  1. 1

    It really shits me how people don’t think of their shoes and keep wearing leather…Thanks for sharing all of these options Tully. I am so sick of people being so ignorant about the clothes and shoes they wear.

  2. 2

    I get so frustrated about how ignorant people are about the things they wear. They are so oblivious that they are made out of animals! Thanks for sharing this list, I think it needs to be shared more!

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