What are the Best Vegan Gifts to Give?

Is your friend a true vegan? Are you struggling to find present or gift that is suitable for a vegan? Or is he/she struggling with veganism? Are they trying to embrace it and having trouble wrapping their head around it?

If the answers to above are yes, it is time to gift them a vegan present, something that will either 1) help the fidgeting souls to get back on the vegan track or 2) something that will beam them up and make them love you even more for all the pampering and care you’ve shown to them being a vegan.

If you aren’t a vegan and want to know what to buy a vegan, skip down to the Top 5 Vegan Gifts below.

The Gifting Conundrum

I have been there. Sometimes it becomes really hard to gift someone something they care about. Not only are there too many choices, but each one as baffling as the other and you are constantly wondering if your friend or loved one is going to like that or not. What if, he/she looks at it and just goes “meh” at your thoughtful search.  Wouldn’t that shatter you?

Whilst gifting it is important that you find out what your loved one truly believes in and reveres. If you gift them what they truly love, chances of rejection are pretty much, nil.

Gifting a vegan product

I believe it doesn’t have to be a birthday or a special occasion to gift someone something important. Still, if an occasion is around the corner, the timing couldn’t be perfect. Things might look tricky from your point of view if your friend supports veganism. But don’t worry there are plenty of vegan options to gift them.

Gifting someone a vegan present ensures you are thinking about the person you are gifting as well as nature. How thoughtful indeed!

Why go for vegan presents?

Vegan gifts are written in kindness that will not only be reflective of how thoughtful you are but also propagate what you are truly trying to support. Let your friend realize that you truly support his/her cause.

Say no to animal cruelty.  Let your friend get in on the bandwagon as well. Let them understand why veganism is so important. It will be kind of an eye opener for those who haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on around them. If your gift is cool, others will see what it is, in the end promoting it further. You will inadvertently assist in stopping animal cruelty profusely.

Best Vegan Gifts

There are plenty of gifts for vegans that you can buy. To save you the trouble I have made you a list. These ideas are bound to bring smiles to many faces I ensure, one of those would be yours; a smile of contentment. Have a look:

Vegan Handbags

Did you know you can gift someone a Vegan leather bag that actually looks and feels the same as animal leather? This brand in particular brings you a beautiful bag that has an uncanny resemblance to the original. Ensure you tell the person you are gifting that it’s vegan and behold their jaws stay wide open for a while. The bag has been manufactured with the help of highest quality Faux Leather. There are plenty of pockets and pouches in it to facilitate one to easily accommodate vegan makeup and pretty much anything else they desire. It is available in tons of different colors.

Vegan Bags for Men

Wiley Gear Vintage Vegan bag: For your male friend comes winging straight from the vegan gifts for men section, a soothing and useful bag that promises to serve numerous functions. It would serve perfect as a laptop bag as well.

Vegan Perfume

To those who have constantly struggled selecting a gift for a loved one, perfume has always walked in as a perfect gift for anyone at any age. The perfume wand has always worked since it stays long enough, is used on a daily basis to remind one of the person who has gifted it. For a vegan friend, I would suggest vegan perfume would be a great option. Or why not gift them some cruelty free makeup & cosmetics? I’ve included some of my favorite cruelty free makeup, cosmetics, skincare, shampoo and vegan nail polish on my article here. For more cruelty free vegan cosmetics, including this vegan lipid serum, read this review here by my friend, Nicole!

Pacifica Tuscan perfume is one of the best vegan perfumes and no doubt would serve as a perfect gift for a vegan. Its aroma is very soothing. There are lots of options available here, each one with packing in a gorgeous whiff. The best part is that none of the animals have been harmed in the manufacturing of this perfume, something your vegan friend is going to simply adore and fall in love with.

Sidenote: For even more vegan friendly gift ideas that are Eco-friendly and perfect for a traveler friend of yours, check out this blog post Eco-Friendly Gifts for Every Traveler for some awesome inspiration from a travel junkie herself, April over at justleavingfootprints. You can visit her site here.

Vegan Cologne for Men

It is as soothing as its moniker sounds. A great vegan cologne for men!

Vegan Apparel

T-shirts have always served as great gifts for vegans. What better way to advertise veganism than through a cool vegan T-shirt? Send out a subtle message to those who think proteins can only be squeezed out of animals. The plus point which this one that I recommend in-particular is that this vegan t-shirt has a superb fabric. It is really soft and comfortable, something your present receiver is going to enjoy wearing. It is available in all shapes and sizes. There are plenty of colors for your choosing. My personal favorite is lush green as it helps to make a better statement. Or why not gift them some Vegan Shoes

Vegan Wallets

Clutch Wallets will forever stay in vogue. If your close friend is a wallet freak, a vegan clutch wallet by this brand will make her day. It is great for party people, stylish enough to be taken along with one to the club. It is magnetic, so opening and closing the wallet will not be a problem. Also, its kiss lock design will ensure that proper privacy is maintained at all times.

Vegan Wallet For Men

 A spacious vegan wallet by Corkor that has everything a man expects in a wallet. It is slim, elegant and perfect for bills, cards and notes.

Vegan Chocolate

What is better than gifting someone a box full of chocolate? Vegan Chocolate!

If your loved one or friend is a fan of chocolate, this is one of the best alternatives to dairy milk chocolate to bring an instant smile to a vegans face. One box of vegan milk chocolate contains 12 bars so he/she is going to remember you every time a new bar is ripped apart. It has dark cocoa and rich walnuts and is not only vegan, it’s gluten and soy free. Don’t forget to read my blog post here about the best vegan milk chocolates you can buy!

If your vegan friend also like to work out or make protein shakes, why not gift them some plant based protein powders

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    I’m (slowly) transitioning on being a vegan myself and I found your website from this really awesome article! Buying a present for a vegan is actually quite interesting, it’s different from what I have been used to all my life but now that I am slowly transitioning myself to being a vegan I totally understand what it’s like to receive a present that isn’t for me. Thank you for what you do and the information you share!

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