Best Vegan Milk: 100% Dairy Free & Cruelty Free Milk Alternatives

I understand how you have been feeling, trudging down on dodgy roads of a non-vegan lifestyle for years (if you’re a newbie that is), so welcome on board the vegan road.

In the beginning, it feels like a lot of sacrifices but believe me, there is always an alternate way to everything good in life. The better way! The way that leads you to what you want without hurting anyone in the process. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that something worth abiding by?

I remember amidst my stern transitional phase, I would often wonder about the things that I would be compelled to miss out on only to find even better and tasty stuff that didn’t let me turn around ever. Yes! The vegan world is full of surprises. It is a fantastic sojourn that has a plethora of options to devour. Dive in to experience the awesomeness!

The milky business

Being a psychotic milk lover, I need milk every day. To be really candid, I cannot really live without.  At one point I doubted my judgment, when suddenly I encountered a gamut of Vegan alternatives to milk. I nearly shouted “Eureka!” in a room full of people.


Yes, we can live without bothering animals at all. Shunning a lifestyle that has been so far illustrative of our monstrous sub-consciousness! If you were smitten by milk too like me here are exceptional non dairy milk alternatives that will let you get on the milk bandwagon again without harming or hurting any animal in the process.

What is better is the fact that you pack in a lot more nutrients than cruelty dairy provides.

Why shun cruelty dairy?

It is no secret that animal dairy products have been causing dairy allergies all across the globe.

Do you want to get sick v stay healthy? That question should literally decide your choice. Some of the other crucial reasons why you should say no to dairy products are:

Cow’s milk is meant for calves: Stepping into the vegan-wagon you are already acquainted with this apparent fact. You don’t want to snatch what’s meant to be. Why would you want to take a dig at nature?

Hormonal imbalance: Often animals find themselves under the radar of big steroid injections and hormones to make them productive. It could cause negative effect on humans as our internal structure isn’t designed to withhold such powerful hormonal increases due to hormones animals receive.

Animals fed inappropriate food: You know what a cow is made to gorge upon? All sorts of weird stuff that ranges from chicken manure to cottonseed, pesticides to antibiotics and animal products. Just imagine consuming all that directly, you are if you consume normal milk!

Chances of Osteoporosis: According to an estimate, countries where dairy product consumption is more, victims of osteoporosis are also immense in number.

Acid forming products: When a large consumption of dairy products is consumed, it metabolizes in your body to form excessive acid which in turn forces your bones to balance the overall acid content. Result: bones can go fragile!

A scary dairy world, isn’t it? It is best you can do is to step into the world of vegan daily free milk alternatives that are nutrient rich and do not entail any of the above mentioned complications.

Milk alternatives to worship your Veganism

Tons of options are available to get you out of the arrogant dairy milk world into a cruelty free globe. Some of the finest milk substitutes for vegans have been mentioned below:

Flax Milk


With a promise of the bountiful Alpha Linoleic acid that cuts down the effect of inflammation and skin diseases, flax milk is actually a really creamy and delicious milk substitute. This one has flax and so much more in it:

Oat Milk


Already aware of how beneficial oats are? Oat milk packs in ample protein and helps in increasing your good cholesterol levels. It also has Vitamin D which is great for your bones. This has just the right amount to keep you healthy and fit:

Coconut milk


A powerhouse of some crucial minerals like manganese, copper, selenium, zinc and iron, coconut milk is low on sugar to keep you health in check and great to avoid diabetic conditions. The whole world uses it as a food ingredient too to avail of its sumptuous flavor. Here is a coconut milk powder that makes magnificent milk for vegans:

Soy milk


You know how rich soy is in protein? Its milk carry forwards all the extraordinary qualities of soy. It has plenty of calories and negligible cholesterol content. Blend it in to make tasteful smoothies! You could try the following chocolate variant too:

Nut milk


Gain “nut-rients” galore by going for the delicious nut milk. Put it in your cereal and you will see it literally define the word “scrumptious”. If you wish to rake in all benefits imparted by nut with great taste, the following nut milk bag has got you covered to make your own nut milk at home (something I totally recommend!):

Rice milk


The easily available wonder is dairy and gluten free. What is even better is the fact that rice being cheap, the cruelty free milk goes easy on your pockets. It is rich in both carbohydrates and protein and will help you to keep your tummy in check. You can go for the lactose free product mentioned below also:

What are you waiting for? Time to pamper your milk-buds!

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