Best Vegan Protein Powders

I wasn’t always a vegan (you can read more about my vegan journey here). Growing up I didn’t really know, or care enough to understand what’s going on around me. I couldn’t tell wrong or right apart. My conscience was, well, in a oblivious stage. But then my eyes slowly opened to the atrocities that mankind blatantly shows towards animals. That’s when I understood it all. That’s when I fathomed how cruel humans really were. And that included me. And that’s when it all changed. I became vegan.

After becoming a full-blown vegan, I have been only using vegan products. I only consume vegan products, wear vegan clothing and use vegan makeup and cosmetics. I make a consistent effort to ensure that is absolutely no trace of animal cruelty in anything I do. Sometimes it comes easy, other times it can be incredibly difficult to uphold your values, especially in social situations and interactions with non-vegan family and friends.

Anyway, when it comes to my shopping, my shopping list is full of vegan ingredients and products. If this is your first time here (firstly, welcome!) but secondly, you’ll soon find out, I love talking about vegan products. It’s something I have a passion about because I know so many vegans that find it difficult to source the right vegan products or so called ‘vegan’ or ‘cruelty free’ products (yes there is fakes out there!). Educating people on not only switching to a vegan diet, but more so, a vegan lifestyle, incorporating only vegan products into your life is paramount to my life goals, hence why vegansfirst even exists.

So I am a regular gym goer, but more so, I like to supplement my diet with proteins and protein shakes. It’s something I’ve always done and suits my life and dietary requirements. It’s not something that I overly do like a lot of other gym fanatics, but its definitely something I do incorporate in my diet. Another I know a lot of vegan athletes and gym obsessed people also want to source vegan protein powders aswell.

So, when I was looking for a protein powder (as opposed to normal protein powders), I inadvertently swayed towards the Vegan section. I was thrilled to find out Vegan protein powders actually do exist and after trying a few, they were way better than the regular protein powders, I had been drinking in my teenage years.

I have tried dozens of Vegan protein powders only to discover that they taste better, are more effective on your body and are healthier in nature (and of course, are cruelty free). The biggest of all is that none of the animals get hurt in the process.

Aren’t these all the factors you want your protein shake to be?

Why Vegan Protein Powder Anyway?

Why choose organic vegan protein powder over animal derived protein powder supplements? If you are a health enthusiast like me, here are just a few reasons why I would suggest you choose a vegan protein powder over non-vegan protein powders. You won’t think twice about switching to vegan shakes after you read a few of these + I have only skimmed the surface here, there is soo much more I could add too!

  1. Firstly, protein powders are derived from animal products such as cow’s milk. Vegan 101 – humans can’t actually digest cow’s milk properly. The purpose of existence of cow’s milk is for offspring, not humans..
  2. Due to normal whey being animal based and the existence of animal products, it’s important to understand that if you consume these, you are exposing yourself to anti-biotics, hormones and other injected substances which are given to the animals in high doses….
  3. Drinking normal whey protein powders, you are being exposed to addictives such as flavors, artificial sweeteners and additives and lots more!
  4. Animal products are heavily processed which degrades its nutritional value. This also affects the nutritional quality of the protein itself.
  5. Vegan protein powders which constitute, for example, rice and pea are hypoallergenic ingredients. So for those people who have a natural disposition towards food allergies, vegan protein powders serve as miracle wonders.
  6. Vegan supplements made of brown rice and pea protein are a lot healthier than traditional whey products.
  7. Animal products like whey will end you up with flatulence. There are indigestible ingredients in it like lactose that could give rise to diarrhea and other bloated issues. Au contraire, plant based protein is brimming with healthy components that will ensure no such thing happens to you.
  8. Plant based vegan protein powders are very safe to consume, whereas animal protein has been found to have unsafe elements like cadmium, arsenic and lead.

You know the primary reason people go for whey protein powders and other animal products? It’s pretty much because others are doing it. We love to follow people because we are simply clueless about things as we fail to educate ourselves properly to improve our health and lifestyle. Many people haven’t actually tried vegan protein powder to come to a conclusion as to which one is better. Trust me, you are going to love them if you follow my suggestions that I have gathered for you. They are super tasty, have plenty of nutrition, and will help you grow.

All the Good Stuff

So why are vegan protein powders better than normal protein powder? Here are just a few reasons why?

  • No Diary
  • No Soy
  • No Animal
  • Easily Digestible
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Better Tasting

Best Vegan Protein Powders

Embrace better, healthier & cruelty free vegan protein shakes

Orgain Protein Powder

This one right here takes me back in time. It happens to be the first protein powder I ever tried that was suggested by a close friend. I was fascinated to see and feel the mind-boggling difference between vegan protein powders and normal protein powders. It is gluten free and soy free. So for those who are allergic to soy, it will serve as the best plant-based protein powder ever made.

The taste is heavenly and you will enjoy drinking every sip; and you might even be tempted to increase your serving size. There is no added sugar unlike what animal whey serves you. You get your organic protein from hemp, brown rice, chia and pea. All the aforesaid happens to be immensely rich in protein and constitute the healthiest components in flora.

Don’t forget to mix it with plant based milk!

Vega One Nutritional shake tub

It is one of the most smoothest and scrumptious nutritional shake you will ever have. There are so many great flavors that Vega One provides that it would be like a constant party for your tongue. Surprisingly over all these years I have tried more than five flavors to date and I haven’t found a single flavor not worth it.

It is made up of real whole food ingredients, and a perfect blend of fruits and veggies that pack in plenty of vitamins and minerals. Try this unique plant based protein shake to truly experience the true benefits of vegan protein powders. This will literally fill you up with nutrition.

Don’t forget to mix it with these plant based milks such as oat, rice or almond milk!

PlantFusion Protein

If you are looking for a low fat vegan protein powder as vegan whey, stop your search right here at this powerful powder. Aiming for a lean body? PlantFusion is all ears. There was a time I was packing in a lot of brawn and that’s when I decided to steer towards a lean fat mass powder.

PlantFusion came into my life right then and I must say it was a delightful find. It will give you ample energy for working muscles and facilitate muscle growth. L-glutamine present in it will channelize your immune system, keep you fit and healthy and make sure you stay away from diseases.

Don’t forget to mix it with 100% diary free, vegan & cruelty free milk!

Garden of Life Raw Protein

Comes straight from the Garden of Life is an exhilarating protein powder that not only tastes good but also packs in energy – all from raw ingredients. If you are aware of how much protein raw organic sprouted things have, you will be excited to find out that raw sprouted stuff makes this protein powder. Churned with all the good stuff that your body needs, this is vegan protein smoothie you should be having on a daily basis whilst you pick up those dumbbells.

It is made up of highly digestible substances and will make sure you bide by a proper digestive diet as it is made up of lots of live probiotics to keep your body in shape. If you are working on a low carb diet, rein in this brilliant vegan shake at once. Have a go at this unique vegan supplement to add to your life with proper nutrients. At the same time keep your taste buds alive.

The sheer power to rule the planet has made us reckless. We do as we please without giving a second thought to our blunt acts. Now that you get a shot at embracing your truest sentient self, it is never too late to start living as a vegan. Start off with the aforementioned magnificent vegan products and pave way for a future bereft of animal cruelty.


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