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Turning my wheels towards the Vegan territory was the best thing I ever did with my life. I have become more thoughtful now and have started resenting everything that involves butchering animals. When some insensitive people ask me,“how does it feel to give up all the good stuff?” I tell them the good stuff’s still here. It tastes the same, even better than what a non-vegan is having, and most of all it doesn’t entail killing anybody to get what you want.

People look at me, I know what they are feeling, like a monster.

Nature’s Flora Intent

I am having a blast ever since I turned towards the Vegan door. There is literally everything that plants give you. It makes me think maybe it was the intent of nature to place things like that. Maybe we should have consumed plants in the first place, maybe it was our purpose.

The Vegan Chocolate Story

Exploring the vegan enclave led me to chocolate inadvertently, that happened to be my favorite. I was having doubts first as I wasn’t sure how good vegan chocolate would taste. To my surprise I was blown away to find out that it had an uncanny resemblance.

As I dug in deeper, I found a gamut of options waiting for me on silver platter. Yes, there were so many options that I couldn’t help drooling. It led me to some of the best chocolates that I have ever tasted in my entire life, and I must say if you put them on a tasting competition with the animal ones, the former are going to beat them hands down. Are you salivating already? Well, don’t worry I have made you a list of only the best vegan chocolates available.

Dairy Chocolate: Good at what cost?

If you have been eating chocolate made of dairy, I would you to stop right there .

You must be wondering what’s wrong with that? Some might be even wondering chocolate comes from a plant which makes it vegan.

I would like to break it to you, sadly the chocolate that you have been eating so far, isn’t vegan. You see, as it makes its way from a tree to the chocolate factory a lot of additives get added to improve its taste. That entails addition of sugar and milk.

As you know anything that entails these, isn’t vegan. I get it. You don’t want to hurt animals whilst you chew on your chocolate. There’s a better way. It’s the vegan way.

Why You Should Eat Vegan Chocolate

If you try to count the benefits of vegan chocolate on your finger, frankly the list is huge. Here are some of the most important benefits to keep in mind.

  1. It doesn’t entail animal killing or bereave any animal of their innate rights.
  2. It plays on your mood to fill you up with happy feels owing to increase in serotonin levels.
  3. Everything you get in Vegan chocolates is natural, unlike dairy milk chocolate where some use cheap ingredients and palm oil for coatings.
  4. A vegan chocolate bar helps to supplement your diet with essential fats that help in regulating blood pressure
  5. Vegan chocolate helps to strengthen your immune system
  6. It facilitates proper liver functioning
  7. It is great for those who are planning to lose weight.
  8. Its low carbohydrate property is great for people with diabetic conditions.
  9. It is protein rich which makes it ideal for body builders and nutritionists.
  10. It brings down your stress levels.
  11. It increases intelligence, alertness and performance. It boosts your brain functions.
  12. It packs in nutrients like flavonoids and antioxidants.
  13. It reduces risks of heart attack and strokes.
  14. It fends off illness.
  15. It improves cell functioning.
  16. A perfect dessert alternative after a meal.
  17. It retains anti-ageing benefits.
  18. It has potassium, calcium, and plenty of vitamins and minerals.
  19. It is believed to mend broken hearts.
  20. It assists in arterial flow.

You would be surprised to find out that eating a vegan chocolate such as Rescue Chocolate helps in actually rescuing animals. All the profit earned goes to rescue organizations.

If you wish to try some of the most heavenly vegan chocolates that are healthy as well and that reap in the aforementioned benefits, I suggest you try these:

Nugo Dark Dairy Free Chocolate

Give me this any day and I will gorge upon it like a pig. I always keep 2 of them in my refrigerator. This is the best dark chocolate you will ever have. All NUGO dark bars make use of real dark chocolate in their making. It packs in plenty of antioxidants in the form of flavanols. The cocoa butter in the dark chocolate reduces inflammation and lowers your blood pressure. It is a hormone-free protein that doesn’t entail any artificial sweeteners. To top it all it tastes heavenly. One bar is handful and has just enough bites in it to leave you completely satisfied. It is a perfect snack to have when your tummy has butterflies.

Pure Bar Organic non dairy Chocolate Brownie

You get 12 bars of chocolate in one box. What more could you desire? It is rich in dark cocoa that is brimming up with numerous health benefits. Hints of walnuts can be found in it when you are chewing it down. It is a completely gluten free and soy free variant that will make sure people with soy allergies can eat it without any problems. The box can also be used as a gifting option to people. There was a small trivial occasion recently where I gifted this to one of my cousins. As a matter of fact, right after handing it over to him I ended up devouring the chocolatesmyself. They are non GMO and containnumerous spices and sweet fruits

Endangered Species

As the moniker of this exotic chocolate suggests, the company is trying to protect the natural habitats of endangered species. So if you are having this you are inadvertently doing something thoughtful.Also, the wrapper of the bar will be an exercise in knowledge as you get to know more about the animals that are endangered.Each purchase appends up as a support to wildlife. 10% of profits earned by the company get donated annually to fund animal saving projects. All chocolates by Endangered Species are certified kosher-dairy. It is made using RSPO certified palm oil. Bittersweet chocolate, soy lecithin, cane sugar and vanilla constitue this product. The chocolate is delicious too. Just looking at its box get the juices flowing.

LARABAR Fruit and Nut Bar

This gluten free dairy free chocolate isprobably the best thing that could happen to you.It has plenty of nutrients in itwith a perfect blend of whole food and unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. It is like food made from food.Having one bar is like having half of cup of fruit. There are 6 flavor options that LARABAR gives you and I have tried them all. You can gain 100 calories per bar, enough to get you started for the day. A great vegan breakfast alternative. Being a big chocolate fan, I don’t let any bar escape my appetite.

Health Warrior Chia Bar

Taking care of your health with all the necessary essentials is the sumptuous vegan chocolate bar. The main ingredient that constitutes this bar is chia seed, something that is quite rare to find in a chocolate bar. It has the least amount of sugar in it, around 5g and has been manufactured keeping in mind a healthy balanced diet. The taste is simply divine.





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