4 Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes

When I became a vegan, I had to read a lot of recipes and learn how to cook vegan desserts. It wasn’t hard, it was just a re-adjustment of learning how to make desserts without milk or desserts without eggs.

Things that we are so used to doing all our life, only because it’s easy and convenient to purchase these things. But easy and convenient isn’t what is always best. Is it? I remember thinking it would be hard, but it truly isn’t. Once you start looking at the world from a vegan point of view, you get an overwhelming amount of clarity in your life. Things actually become easier. One thing that has become easier in my life, is making dessert. Vegan dessert of course!

I love chocolate, sugar, cookies, cakes, every kind of dessert. But if you have been following me here, you all probably know already.  I have a massive sweet tooth. But more so lately. I feel that I am sharing on VegansFirst more vegan desserts and vegan sweets than ever before! Eg. How I Talk About Vegan Chocolate All The TimeMy Vegan Carrot Cake RecipeVegan Chocolate Chip Cookies…The list goes on..

With the lack of dairy and eggs, we sometimes think it’s hard to make a good dessert. Who said vegans can’t have tasty desserts? The secret is: find recipes where you can change some ingredients, make your own recipe and try different vegan ingredients until you think it’s good.

But it’s also important that when you are sourcing recipes, find good ones. The best advise I can give you is to find blogs that have good recipes. I regularly follow an awesome blog, Nomaste Kitchen, that has some really awesome recipes that I easily find ways to make it my own.

Easy Vegan Desserts

That Will Take You NO TIME (or Effort) at All!

Although the thing about vegan recipes is that I generally find you can be more creative with different plant based, natural ingredients. You can get more creative with additional extras that normal recipes don’t necessarily have. For example, you can use things like maple syrup and coconut, just to name a few. And for these recipes, generally vegan recipes have all those included to get your recipe just right 🙂

As I love cooking, discovering new vegan recipes was both challenging and fun for me. I used to spend hours and hours looking for new recipes and trying to create my own twist to new recipes or adapt old ones to new vegan taste buds. I’ve been trying new ingredients since I became vegan and I have found a lot of great and not so great recipes on Google. I also like when my friends or family wants to try these recipes, it’s how I show them that we don’t eat only vegetables but we also eat vegan desserts. These recipes can be easily adapted and you can change something if it’s needed. They are great for kids too, as snacks, breakfast or desserts. Here, I will show you my favorite easy vegan dessert recipes that you can try at home.

3-Ingredient Vegan Cookies

No Bake, Dairy Free & Gluten Free Vegan Cookies


I always liked cookies. But more so Vegan Cookies. Vegan chocolate cookies, vegan peanut butter cookies, vegan gingerbread cookies, vegan vanilla cookies…ok you get me, all the kinds of cookies. I could eat them in copious amounts every day (a bad habit indeed). I am always looking for a way of trying new and easy vegan dessert recipes and I found this amazing recipe. This vegan cookie recipe in particular ONLY HAS 3 INGREDIENTS and is VEGAN, DIARY FREE, GLUTEN FREE. It doesn’t even require you to bake them!

If you are a mom, this can be a good healthy snack or breakfast for your children aswell or why not get them involved in the baking process? You can make with or without chocolate and adapt to your kid’s taste if you want. This is one of the most adaptable vegan dessert recipes, they can be made with chocolate, gingerbread, vegan chocolate, everything you want!. You can also cook for a play date or for a picnic with your family and kids.

These homemade vegan cookies are one of our most popular here at VegansFirst. Just like my Easy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, this one is only 3 INGREDIENTS ASWELL! Or for some more no bake vegan desserts, you can check out Healthienut and her yummy vegan recipes like this No-Bake Mint Mousse Pie

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe You’ll Find


Vegan chocolate is definitely my favorite dessert of all the time. I like everything that contains vegan chocolate: cakes, pies, candy bars, ice creams and more. For me, vegan chocolate is the best thing in the world, even better than non-vegan chocolate could ever be! I’ve tried a lot of different vegan recipes involving chocolate cake and when I was searching but I just couldn’t find one that was simple yet tasty. I came up with this simple, fast and super easy vegan chocolate cake recipe. I made it for my friends and family, they aren’t vegan but they loved it. They thought it wasn’t vegan and I showed them that vegan desserts are great and can be easily adapted to our own taste. I wish I could eat it every day. This vegan cake can also be made for a kid’s birthday party.

Vegan Coconut Cream Pie

Banana, cream and coconut. Who doesn’t want or crave any of these? What about when we substitute the cream for vegan cream? Life can’t get any better than that! You can mix these three ingredients and make a delicious pie for your family and friends! It’s a classic vegan dessert and it’s an easy recipe.

This is perfect as a dessert for barbecues, parties, meetings and picnics. You have endless options! I like cooking it for my friends, family or colleagues at work. All my colleagues at work tried this vegan pie and enjoyed a lot, even non-vegans were amazed it wasn’t make of cream, milk or eggs. Kids will love it too! Not to mention, it’s a lot more healthier than any other coconut cream pie.

Recipe coming to VegansFirst soon! Check back for details!

Although this cookie recipe of mine above is gluten free, I don’t tend to share a lot of gluten free content on VegansFirst as gluten is something that I still consume. However, for those of you (I know there is many!) that are interested in more gluten free recipes, check out these gluten free chocolate chunk matcha cookies from Gina who is a health coach and her blog, healthylittlevittles, where she shares gluten free, vegan and mostly plant-based recipes.

Vegan Waffles

Image Source

Of course, if you don’t feel like baking something up, there is always the great idea of making vegan pancakes or waffles. I’ve always typically been a pancake sweet kind of girl (Check out my Banana Pancakes), but when I purchased a new toaster the other day, the toaster came with three alternative plates. Two for sandwiches and one waffle plate for cooking waffles. Hooray – now I was able to finally start experimenting with different vegan waffle recipes.  The first one I tried was this one here, Vegan Chocolate Brownie Waffles.

I used the same recipe but without the coconut oil 😉 It was as divine in taste as it looks! Definitely worth trying it out if you are a fan of waffles. I have decided that when I have some friends over I am going to experiment with some different waffle recipes. They are so easy and with a little bit of vegan ice-cream on the side and some vegan chocolate, they are definitely a hit!

So there you have it, 4 simple and easy vegan dessert recipe ideas. Baking vegan desserts can’t get any easier than these. Especially the cookie recipe that only has 3 ingredients and you don’t even need to bake it! I will be uploading the exact recipes I use for these vegan desserts shortly so make sure you check back here very soon!

I also found these Tahini Cup Bites recipe with chocolate the other day that caught my eye which is another easy vegan dessert recipe to try!

What are some of your favorite vegan desserts that are easy to do? Please leave a comment below so I can give them a try!

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